Pointing To “A Beautiful Artistic Journey”

Drea is a mom who blogs about homeschooling, food and other things important to life (like books and riddles). When she finds cool products she points her followers toward them and I’m delighted that she pointed toward Seeking Cézanne. Thanks, Drea!

Books, Art, and Maisie

Talk about living on the edge. This young woman paints on the edge of books. It is beautiful. Check it out.

Maisie Matilda is an art history student who is reviving the medieval art of painting on the edge of books. When she put her work on TikTok she got nearly five million viewers. She deserves that fame—her art is beautiful. One of her TikTok videos is embedded below.

You can learn more about Maisie in this BuzzFeed article about her. Or check her out yourself @maisie_matilda.

Ted Macaluso is the author of Seeking Cézanne: A Children’s Mystery Inspired by Paul Cézanne and Other Artists. He lives in Northern Virginia.

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