About Vincent, Theo and the Fox

Through van Gogh’s paintings, two brothers learn how to be the best you can be when you grow up.

case8.000x10.000.inddVincent, Theo and the Fox is an adventure story for children based on Vincent van Gogh’s paintings. As young boys, Vincent and his brother Theo spy a mischievous fox sneaking into a farmer’s cart. Wanting to catch the furry creature, the brothers give chase through colorful fields, over land and sea, into the city and beyond – settings illustrated by over 30 of van Gogh’s greatest works. On this imaginative journey, the boys – and the fox – learn about failure, success, and discovering how to be the best you can be when you grow up. It is also a sweet story about brotherhood. An epilogue gives a brief, factual biography of van Gogh.

Ages 4 and up. This illustrated story book is a great way to open up the world of fine art to children, a wonderful tale for parents and grandparents to read to children, and a beautiful book for your coffee table.

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