Research studies in which Ted was involved

Evaluation of the Summer Food for Children Demonstrations

The purpose of this study was to improve the food security of children during the summer when the free and reduced-price meals provided by the school lunch program become unavailable to many low-income students. Ted led a team that established 14 demonstrations collectively feeding 75,000 children coupled with a rigorous evaluation of the demonstrations’ impact on child food insecurity. Final results showed that this approach could reach over 3 times more children than the existing program and reduce the prevalence of very low food security among children by about one-third.

Evaluation of the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program

This study tested ways of expanding fresh fruit and vegetable offerings in elementary schools. Ted was the government supervisor for the study.

Direct Verification with Medicaid

This study looked at a new way to reduce the burden on schools and parents when administering the National School Lunch Program. Ted developed the initial research plan and served as the Project Officer.

School Nutrition Dietary Assessment – III

This was a nationally representative study of school feeding programs, including measurement of the nutritional quality of meals, the contribution that school meals made to children’s overall diets, and the administrative decisions that influence the programs’ success. Ted was the government supervisor for the study.



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