Story telling that teaches about art


Here are some children’s books by other authors that I like and recommend. The list does not include everything I read because a) I only includes books I recommend and b) I mainly try to include books where the topic is related to art. Sometimes I just pick a book because the art in it is beautiful or because the language was exquisite. Some of the links are “affiliate links” to, which means that Amazon pays me a few pennies if you end up buying the book through the link here. Your price is the same whether you use the affiliate link or find the book another way. You’re free to click, look on Amazon and not buy.


When Pigasso Met Mootisse is Nina Laden’s classic book about, well, the meeting and artistic rivalry between Picasso and Matisse. Full of puns and an absolute delight. As fresh now as when it came out in 1998.



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I have to include my book here since there are not that many books that use fiction to support art education.









The Hare & the Hedgehog is the classic story by the Brothers Grimm. This version was recently published with gorgeous illustrations by Jonas Laustroer. Not directly about art, but a beautiful book.



Math at the Art Museum is written by Group Majoongmul and illustrated by Yun-ju Kim. The book is primarily pedagogical (rather than a gripping story like the other books on this page). I include it because there are too few books that combine art and math and because I really liked the painting the book uses to illustrate symmetry: Praying Mother and Son Rock Formation by Kim Jae-hong.

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