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Here are some children’s books by other authors that I like and recommend. The list does not include everything I read because I only includes books I recommend. Some of the links are “affiliate links” to, which means that Amazon pays me a few pennies if you end up buying the book through the link here. Your price is the same whether you use the affiliate link or find the book another way. You’re free to click, look on Amazon and not buy.

619eui5crfl-_sy497_bo1204203200_Child’s Introduction to Art: The World’s Greatest Paintings and Sculptures by Heather Alexander with illustrations by Meredith Hamilton is a great introduction to painters, art styles and art history for children ages 9-12. Includes full color reproductions of 40 artworks.




The Art Book for Children by the editors of Phaidon Press is an introduction to art with large color reproductions (for grades 3 – 7). It covers the most important works of 30 famous artists. A second volume is available but I have not read that one.



What Makes a Van Gogh A Van Gogh? by Richard Muhlberger is a beautiful book. Full color reproductions of some of the artists most important works are accompanied by pertinent text. The answer to the question in the title is given at the very end. Muhlbergsr gives 5 characteristics, which I won’t give away, all illustrated by the painting “The Bank of the Oise at Auvers.” Ages 8-12.

The book is part of a series. Muhlberger has written similar books for Monet, Degas, Cassatt, Picasso, Rembrandt and many other artists.


When Pigasso Met Mootisse is Nina Laden’s classic book about, well, the meeting and artistic rivalry between Picasso and Matisse. Full of puns and an absolute delight. As fresh now as when it came out in 1998.



The Yellow House: Vincent van Gogh and Paul Gauguin Side by Side by Susan Goldman Rubin and illustrated by Jos. A. Smith is about the time van Gogh tried to start an artists’  colony in Arles France and these two artists briefly lived together. It is appropriate for ages 5-9 and does not g0 deeply into the less pleasant aspects of their artistic encounter.



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